Groundwater Flow Modeling

Both versions of (Standard and Pro) provide groundwater flow modeling capabilities.

Transient Modeling

(Standard or Pro) is a powerful tool for performing transient groundwater flow modeling in infinite and bounded aquifers. Use any of the pumping test solutions in to simulate head contours under postulated extraction and/or injection scenarios.

  • wellfield analysis
  • remedial extraction/containment system design
  • dewatering calculations
  • well interference
Extraction well array

Drawdown prediction for an array of 15 extraction wells. AQTESOLV places no internal limit on the total number of extraction wells allowed in a simulation.

AnAqSim Looking for 3-D steady-state/transient groundwater flow modeling software? Check out AnAqSim, a new product from Fitts Geosolutions (developer of the popular TWODAN software). AnAqSim employs a novel analytic element technique that divides a modeled region into subdomains and makes AnAqSim more capable and versatile than competing analytic element modeling packages. Visit the AnAqSim web site to learn more about the software.