About Us

HydroSOLVE, Inc. is a groundwater consulting firm established in 1995 and headquartered in Reston, Virginia, USA. HydroSOLVE specializes in aquifer test design, performance and analysis; the development and application of groundwater models; consulting services; and continuing education courses for groundwater professionals. Our flagship product is , the world's leading software for aquifer test design and analysis since 1989.

The founder and president of HydroSOLVE is Glenn M. Duffield. Glenn is the author of AQTESOLV and, among other key responsibilities, he travels worldwide giving courses on aquifer testing design, performance and analysis.

Professional Services


  • aquifer testing
  • peer review
  • expert services

Groundwater Modeling

  • groundwater flow
  • solute transport
  • code development

Software Development

  • Fortran, VB, C and C++

Continuing Education

  • public and in-house courses
  • aquifer test analysis
  • groundwater modeling

HydroSOLVE, Inc.
2303 Horseferry Court
Reston, VA 20191 USA
Tel +1 703 264 9024
Fax +1 209 254 8831