Derivative analysis

Analysis of pumping test in unconfined aquifer with derivative

Pumping test in double-porosity aquifer

Multi-well pumping test analysis in fractured aquifer using composite plot

Diagnostic flow plot for wellbore storage

Identification of wellbore storage with diagnostic flow plot

Distance-drawdown analysis in leaky confined aquifer

Distance-drawdown analysis of pumping test in leaky confined aquifer

Type curve families

Analysis of pumping test using type-curve families

Drawdown prediction with AQTESOLV

Predict drawdown for wellfield applications

Analyzing aquifer boundaries with image wells

Analysis of pumping test in channel aquifer using image wells

Agarwal recovery method

Analysis of recovery data using Agarwal method with derivative

Step-drawdown test analysis

Analysis of step-drawdown test in confined aquifer

Drawdown simulation for cyclic pumping

Simulated drawdowns under cyclic pumping for pumping and obs. wells

Bouwer and Rice (1976) method for slug tests in unconfined aquifers

Analysis of slug test in unconfined aquifer with recommended head range

KGS Model for slug tests

Analysis of multiwell slug test using KGS Model

Slug test analysis for high-K aquifers

Analysis of underdamped slug test in high-K aquifer

Analysis of constant-drawdown test in leaky confined aquifer

Analysis of constant-head test in leaky confined aquifer

Groundwater mounding analysis with Hantush (1967) solution

Transient analysis of water-table mound due to surface infiltration

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AQTESOLV (AK-te-solvListen!) n. 1. the world's leading software since 1989 for the design and analysis of aquifer tests (pumping tests, slug tests, constant-head tests) in confined, leaky, unconfined and fractured aquifers. 2. the industry standard for the interpretation of aquifer tests (Dr. J. Donovan, West Virginia University). —Syn. AQTESOLVE

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